Teammates adopting it as a principle to improve their qualities in a competitive environment and to achieve results constitute an indispensable, important source for TERRA YAPI as well as constituting an important part of its corporate strategy.


Organizes social, cultural and educational activities for raising the consciousness that it is a big team. It believes in the importance of in-company communication,

Evaluates its employees’ performance, commitment to occupational and institutional principles as well as the efforts they make for adding value to their works. It provides necessary opportunities for developing and rewarding these efforts,

The reliance placed in leaders who adopt their jobs, lead it and claim results constitute the core of our business strategy. TERRA YAPI aims this reliance to create a sound, difficult to imitate competition superiority through the teams working together for long years,

It takes necessary precautions and fulfills necessary activities for ensuring the sustainability of occupational health, occupational safety and environmental awareness,

TERRA YAPI intends to create a motivating working environment where constant development and training are possible; all employees are devoted to corporate values and proud to be a member of Terra Group.

You can apply to our company by sending your CV to address if you want to join TERRA YAPI, one of the leading companies in its sector.

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