Being among the leader companies of Turkish construction sector, TERRA YAPI (TERRA CONSTRUCTION) has been constructing shopping malls, offices, residences, composite structures, heavy industry facilities, infrastructure facilities, light production facilities, chemical and medicine production facilities, food and beverage processing facilities, machine factories, government buildings, and universities thanks to its experience for over 35 years.

TERRA YAPI (TERRA CONSTRUCTION) has achieved a valid success thanks to solutions that it created by working systematically and conspiratorially in all fields it is in service. It has been using state-of-the-art instruments and building systems for the projects it accomplishes. In this manner, both the arising quality structures secure the position of the company within the competitive environment and increase the confidence for the company within the market.

Growing day by day along with its quality and conscious structuring, our company has set the existing/growing markets in our country and especially abroad as its target. It has been widening its scope by implementing different projects.

The key elements lying behind its extraordinary success story are management capability, the value it gives to its employees, uncompromising quality policy, strong corporate culture, social responsibility, its commitment to ethical values, the importance it gives to environment, occupational health and safety, and its corporate reputation it protects thanks to exemplary behaviours that it shows related to these issues.

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